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How do I Choose the Best Red Rims?

Kay Paddock
Kay Paddock

Most vehicles come with a set of stock rims, unless they were purchased new with custom rims added at the time of the order. Aftermarket rims are wheels that are purchased and added later. They can usually be found in a variety of sizes and colors, including red. It is important to remember that if new, red rims are going to be a different size than the stock rims, new tires will probably also have to be purchased. Red rims should be chosen according to the buyer's shade preference, size preference and budget.

Most companies that sell aftermarket wheel rims also sell packages of rims and tires that are designed to fit together. This can simplify the process of buying rims. It can also often be less expensive than purchasing rims and tires separately. Some general auto parts stores sell rims, but there are also many stores that specialize in only aftermarket rims and wheels. Companies that specialize will usually have a much larger selection of red rims, as well as other colors and styles to choose from.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Choosing the desired shade may be the easiest part of choosing red rims. Size is also an important consideration, and one that can affect more than just the look of the wheels. Choosing rims that are larger than the stock wheels on the car or truck will affect the way the vehicle handles and rides, as well as its appearance. Typically, larger rims will offer better handling than smaller ones. Larger wheels also leave less room between the tire and the edges of the wheel well. This gives a higher-end look often associated with sports cars.

Choosing larger red rims may cause some less desirable effects, however. Opting for larger wheels, also known as going plus-one or higher, may cause a rougher ride. More of the wheel area will be taken up by the rim. This allows for less padding provided by the actual tires. Larger red rims also call for tires with a bigger inner diameter. These tires usually cost more than smaller versions. A new set of tires for a different sized wheel should be figured into the budget since this can raise the price of purchasing aftermarket rims by a large amount.

It is also important to choose red rims that are the proper weight. A larger vehicle can usually handle heavier steel rims with fewer problems. Smaller cars might not be as responsive to driver commands if the rims are too large and heavy. Cast aluminum and forged wheels are lightweight and can be purchased in red or other colors for those who prefer lightweight wheels.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip