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What Should I Consider When Buying Landscape Design Software?

N. Phipps
N. Phipps

Landscape design software allows people to plan their own landscape design beforehand, saving both time and money. This software is easy to use, depending on its features. In order to make the most of available space, landscaping software can limit the time involved with planning a garden layout. Many of the landscape plans also include information about various plants, and how to care for them. This can also make plant selection an easy process.

In addition to these benefits, buying landscape design software provides average people with the proper tools for designing their own landscape without the need for contracting a professional. Professional landscaping services can be quite costly. Once a design has been implemented, it can be previewed to see how the ideas look. It can be viewed from various angles as well. Most of these programs also include editing features, allowing users to add or delete specific items within the design.

Woman doing a handstand with a computer
Woman doing a handstand with a computer

While many of these applications vary, most landscape design software makes use of existing garden designs or templates for generating ideas. Many allow the ability to scan photos of the homeowner’s actual landscape. Some even include 3D, or three-dimensional, capabilities. Users can also view their landscape throughout the various seasons or at different times, such as day and night. This can make planning year-round gardens a breeze.

Most landscape design software also includes suggestions for how to plant a garden. This may include region-specific features as well, meaning that plants adapted to a specific area are suggested. This feature can greatly increase the success of landscape plantings.

There are many things to consider when buying landscape design software. While many cheap or free versions exist, it is always best to shop around, as some of these may be limited on the features included with the program. However, other programs offer demos, which can be used before purchasing. This allows users to view a landscaping design application prior to purchase. It’s always useful to look for something that meets one’s individual needs and budget as well.

The cost of landscape design software depends on the features but generally falls somewhere between $25 US Dollars (USD) and $75 USD for average programs. Those used most often by landscape professionals can be much more expensive, costing hundreds of dollars. However, for most people, these pricier programs are not necessary. Typically, a good software design program should complement both the needs of its user as well as his or her budget.

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    • Woman doing a handstand with a computer
      Woman doing a handstand with a computer