What Should I Consider When Buying Holiday Lawn Ornaments?

S. Gonzales

When the holidays roll around, many people become very serious about lawn ornamentation. Holiday lawn ornaments can be a huge source of pride in the neighborhood, as everyone wants to have the best-looking display. Use the following tips to choose lawn ornaments that best complement your lawn.

A lawn decorated for Christmas.
A lawn decorated for Christmas.

Consider the season. Some holidays are naturally more suited for lawn ornaments than others. Decorating a lawn with ornamentation for St. Patrick's Day, for example, may be a little more difficult that decorating a lawn for Christmas. Seasons and holidays may determine the availability of ornaments.

Before buying holiday lawn ornaments, make sure you think about how much space your lawn has.
Before buying holiday lawn ornaments, make sure you think about how much space your lawn has.

Determine how you want your ornaments to function. Some lawn ornaments are purely for decoration, but others may also serve a practical purpose. Think about what you want to get out of having an ornament on your lawn. For instance, during Halloween, you may consider buying a lawn ornament that pops out and spooks anyone who approaches your lawn.

Think about your lawn's space. Evaluate what your lawn looks like before you purchase ornaments. Some lawns are wide open and can accommodate the largest of ornaments while others only have a specific, free space that can be occupied. Be realistic about your lawn's ability to house ornaments; there's no use in purchasing lawn ornaments that cannot fit on your own lawn.

Evaluate the ornaments' attractiveness. Of course, every lawn owner wants to choose holiday lawn ornaments that look good. However, lawn owners should consider their attractiveness in terms of potential thieves. Halloween is an especially prime time for thieves or pranksters to take lawn ornaments without being noticed. Be sure to choose ornaments that you wouldn't mind parting with during this particular holiday.

Look for durability. When searching for holiday lawn ornaments, one of the last things on a home owner's mind is "durability." However, if you choose a lawn ornament that can withstand more than one year of use, you may save yourself money. Try buying holiday lawn ornaments that can be reused so that you won't have to buy new ones the following year. Remember that reusing holiday lawn ornaments can be good for the environment, too.

Choose holiday lawn ornaments that compliment your personality. While seasonal ornaments can revolve around holidays, that doesn't mean that your personality has to take a backseat. For example, if it were Easter, and you are someone who likes things big and showy, you could buy a large, inflatable Easter bunny and place it on your lawn. In contrast, if you're the understated type, you could purchase small rabbits, put them on your lawn and create a scene so that it looked like their natural habitat.

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