What Should I Consider When Buying Discount Flooring?

Erin J. Hill

Before you pay money on discount flooring, there are a number of things you should consider. First, getting your flooring at a discounted price doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. Shop around to find the best flooring you can reasonably afford. Second, remember that for discount flooring to be worth the savings, it will still be necessary to have it professionally installed.

In general, laminate wood floors are less expensive and more durable than hardwood floors.
In general, laminate wood floors are less expensive and more durable than hardwood floors.

When you begin looking through the discount flooring options in your area or online, take into consideration where the flooring will be used. For example, carpeting that will be placed in high traffic areas should be stronger and more resistant to wear and tear than flooring you’d choose for an out of the way location.

As a general rule of thumb, houses with young children need sturdier flooring. If your discount flooring provider does not carry child-friendly options, you should consider browsing online to see what else is available. Remember, saving money on your floors does no good if you wind up replacing them every couple of years.

Ask the salesperson on hand about the flooring he has in stock. Find out about any warranties that may be available. Although warranties on discounted items may be limited, it’s still a good idea to find out ahead of time. You should also find out about the materials each flooring option is made from and how they stand up against alternate choices.

Another important thing to think about when buying discount flooring is the installation you will receive. Many higher priced outlets offer free or discounted installation with purchase, but discount chains may not have this option available. Find out how much installation will cost, either through services offered by the store or through a flooring company you find yourself. If the cost of labor outweighs your savings on the flooring, it may be time to rethink your options.

You may be able to install the flooring yourself, but tread with caution. Unless you are sure you can do a quality job, it may not be worth it. Installing your flooring improperly could result in having to fully replace it or having to deal with unattractive floors. Generally, it is a better idea to hire a professional if you have any doubts about your handyman skills.

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