What Should I Consider When Buying an Interior Door?

Amy Hunter

There are many different types of interior doors that you may choose to have in your home. With the wide variety of doors available it can be difficult to decide what type of doors will look best in your home. Whether you are building a new construction or working on a home improvement project, the right interior door can be a wonderful accent to a room.

A man opening an interior door.
A man opening an interior door.

The lowest grade of interior door is made of thin wood with a hollow core. The term hollow core refers to the fact that the door has nothing in between the interior of the door and the exterior. This hollow area allows noises to travel freely from room to room. Thin wood doors are an economical choice, but do little to keep a room quiet.

A higher grade of interior door that is still relatively inexpensive has a hollow core. The wood that the door is made from, however, is heavier. This helps to somewhat muffle the noise in between the rooms. These doors can be very attractive, and make a nice and affordable choice for many people.

Heavier weight hollow core doors are good in areas where noise, and the desire for privacy, is not a huge issue. Doorways between the kitchen and dining room or living room are examples of areas where a nice quality hollow wood door makes sense. For bedrooms and bathrooms, however, you will probably want something different.

Solid core wood doors are the most expensive choice, but they are a nice investment. Solid core wood doors, like the name implies, have a solid core that works to deaden sound between rooms. For areas where privacy is important, the addition of a solid core wood door is the best choice.

Of course, there are important factors other than how much a door deadens sound in a room. You want a door that looks nice as well. Six panel doors are a wonderful way to add decorative accents to a room. These doors help add a customized element to a room.

French doors are another way to add a customized element to a room. They look particularly nice between two public rooms in the home. Added between the kitchen and dining room or the living room and hallway, a French door is an elegant touch for the home.

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