What Should I Consider When Buying a Steel Door?

Ken Black

There are a number of things to consider when buying a steel door. First, the type of application the door will be used in is a big consideration. There are sizes and gauges of steel that may also play an important role in the final product chosen. In the end, the choice of a steel door may be rather untraditional, but can provide a number of benefits.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

When most people think of steel doors, they likely picture a stainless steel door going into a cooler or freezer of some sort. They may, perhaps, envision an overhead garage door made of steel. However, steel doors are also used as entryway doors in fine homes and have many other uses as well. Those who limit steel doors to their traditional roles may be missing out on many attractive products at very reasonable prices.

For example, using a steel door as a home entry door offers the advantage of having a product that will last virtually forever and double as a security door. Further, some doors have a steel core and wood laminated to the outside. Others may have a coating of wood fibers that look nearly exactly like wood doors. Other steel doors may be made entirely of steel, but yet have wood grain patterns and are painted in such a way they look like wood. From a distance it is impossible to tell.

The advantages of such a steel door are mainly cost and durability. A high-quality wood entryway door, or even a fiberglass model, could cost substantially more than a steel door. This is one of the reasons steel is now considered a good alternative when costs are an important factor.

One important thing to consider about steel doors is that 100-percent steel doors have an incredibly thin skin. This is often 24 gauge steel, which is only .2 inches (.56 mm) thick. This steel is then attached to a steel frame. This helps keep the door lighter than one might expect when considering a steel door, however it also means there is more of a chance for dents. In some cases, thicker doors can be special ordered.

Denting can also be a problem with steel garage doors and other types of steel doors; however, they are more dent-resistant than they used to be. It is important to buy the thickest product you can afford, if choosing steel. This will, in the long run, help protect your investment.

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