What Should I Consider When Buying a Patio Heater?

Carol Francois
Carol Francois
A propane tank for a patio heater.
A propane tank for a patio heater.

A patio heater is a stand-alone unit that is used to maintain a comfortable temperature on a patio. A patio is an outdoor space that is attached to the back or side of a home and is used for entertaining and dining. When buying a patio heater, there are several key factors that you must consider: fuel type, installation, type of housing, and the area that you need to heat. By reviewing these details in advance, you can make a better selection of patio heater.

There are two kinds of fuel for a patio heater: natural gas and propane. Natural gas is a cost-effective choice if your home is already heated with natural gas. The only restriction is the location of the patio heater, as this type of heater requires a direct connection to the natural gas. Propane is the same gas used to heat your BBQ. This type of fuel is inexpensive and portable. It is also highly combustible and requires careful storage during the winter months.

When buying a patio heater, some thought must be given to the location of the heater. A permanent patio heater can be installed in the center of a room with the furniture arranged around it, much like a fireplace. A portable patio heater can be moved to the corners to the room and relocated as needed.

Patio heaters come in a wide range of designs, ranging from simple to elaborately decorated models with carvings and fancy screens to provide a more elegant appearance. Many patio heaters come with aluminum tenting to encourage heat distribution. Review the various styles and decide what works best in your space.Measure the space to find the total area of the patio by multiplying the length by the width. Review the heating capacity of the patio heater that you are purchasing to ensure that it is capable of generated the heat required for the total patio space.

Pricing varies depending on the features, style and brand name of patio heaters. A quality patio heater should not cost more than $100 US Dollars (USD). Review the length of warranty and the service contract offered with the heater before making a selection. Check that the warranty includes the heating coils, as these are the active parts of the patio heater.

Patio heaters come with a range of functions and features. A very practical feature is the ability to control the heat through the use of an internal thermostat that can be set to achieve and maintain a specific temperature. This function removes the need to manually adjust the temperature on the heater as the outside temperature changes.

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Great guide! Another heater option that we can add is a fire pit. This is because they not just effective but has amazing effects too. There are many benefits of a fire pit that you can discover when you have one.

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    • A propane tank for a patio heater.
      A propane tank for a patio heater.