What Should I Consider When Buying a Day Planner?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky
A day planner may be used to record appointments.
A day planner may be used to record appointments.

Whether you choose a pocket size loose-leaf calendar or an electronic organizer, a day planner can help you keep track of important events. A day planner allows you to collect and record essential information so you can get the details off your mind and focus on other things. You can also use your planner to create to-do-lists, prepare schedules, or remind you about appointments.

For the very detail oriented person, a day planner that includes time slots for every hour, or even half hour, throughout the day may be a handy tool. For the person that plans far in advance, the week or month at a glance style may be preferable. Day planners offer different formats to fit your busy lifestyle and can be purchased in designs that allow you to plan the next month, the next year, or the next five years.

If you prefer to keep a notebook style day planner in your purse or briefcase so you can quickly write things down as they come to mind, a loose leaf or spiral day planner may be just what you need. If you prefer the convenience of keying in your information, an electronic day planner may be the right option for you. Many come complete with alarms that you can set throughout the day to keep you from missing important appointments, phone calls, or deadlines.

Some people do not need to carry a day planner with them and instead opt for a software day planner. They can fill in important details, then simply print a day, a week, or a month of activities with the touch of a button. This is a great option if you need to turn in an itinerary.

One very practical option is an illness management day planner, such as one specifically designed for people suffering from diabetes. This type of day planner provides space to record blood sugar levels, as well as areas to keep track of when medicines should be taken, when prescriptions need to be refilled, and when doctor's appointments are. This type of day planner is not only a great way to help a person keep track of important information but is also useful for sharing vital information with healthcare providers.

The best way to choose a day planner is to find one that meets your specific needs and is at the same time the simplest for you to use.

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Cupcake15- I also keep track of the miles that I jog. This keeps me motivated because I have a weekly goal. I also include my finishing time and look back month after month to see how much progress I have made.

A personal day planner is great for goal setting because you can look at your goals daily and even break them down smaller in to more manageable steps in order to be successful.

My kids even use a day planner at school because they are trying to teach them to write things down and become more organized with their school work and assignments. This makes it easier for the children to remember to do their homework.

You really have to consider the cost when buying day planner organizers. Some of them can be expensive, but sometimes you can get smaller desk day planner a little cheaper.


GreenWeaver-I used to have one of those planners. What I have now is a mom day planner. It is really cute and has a list of my contacts, a calendar, and information for appointments. I really love it and I got so used to it that I feel weird without it. I also keep track of my kid’s tests and projects that are due as well as any special events or doctor’s appointments.

It really makes me wonder how I functioned without one. It is so easy to forget something is you don’t write it down. I also like the extra blank sheets that they have in the back of the book. It really comes in handy when I want to jot something down really quick.


A Franklin Covey day planner can be the most comprehensive day planner binder that you buy. It really is well organized and has spacing for your appointments on a single page as well as a day planner calendar to note monthly events.

In addition, you can keep a list of your contacts easily in this personal day planner. The only drawback is that you have to order the refills every year, so towards the end of the year you have to remember.

Also, many of these companies like Franklin Covey offer time management courses in order to simplify your schedule and allow you to become more organized.

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    • A day planner may be used to record appointments.
      By: Kurhan
      A day planner may be used to record appointments.