What Should I Consider When Buying a Cooler?

Sherry Holetzky

A cooler is a handy, portable implement that can be used to keep food fresh and beverages refreshingly cold. When buying a cooler, it is important to keep its functions in mind. If you want a cooler for general use, consider purchasing one that offers different features for different occasions.

A cooler may be used to store sub sandwiches for day trips.
A cooler may be used to store sub sandwiches for day trips.

A cooler may offer a separate container that rests in the top, above the ice, for chilling food. This way, you don’t have to place food directly into the ice, where water may seep into the packaging and cause food to become soggy. The food storage compartment is removable, so you can simply take it out if you want to fill the cooler with ice and beverages. It’s great for parties or picnics, or even just relaxing in the yard.

Size is another important consideration, and you may want to purchase more than one size. You may be looking for a small six pack cooler to carry in your vehicle for bottled water or just a few drinks. You might also consider a personal cooler, such as a vacuum sealed beverage cooler. The smaller models come with a flip top straw, and larger styles are available with pump dispensers for filling cups. You will have plenty to drink all day long.

Storage space is a major consideration when buying a cooler. The insulated, soft-sided design is a handy option. It comes in different sizes, ranging from one that is similar to a lunch bag, and may be used as one, to a style that looks more like a beach bag. Bag style coolers are collapsible, making them even more convenient. They can be folded up for easy storage when not in use, requiring very little storage space.

What about portability? Consider a rolling cooler. You can fill it as full as you like. The addition of wheels makes it very easy to move about, allowing one to roll a full cooler easily instead of struggling to carry it. This is a great option to bring along to the beach or the park.

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