What is Wind Farm Energy?

Felicia Dye

A wind farm is a place where air is converted into electrical energy for mass consumption. Unlike some other sources of energy production, such as coal, wind farm energy is considered renewable because there should always be air. This type of energy generation is most popular in the United States and several European countries.

Terrestrial wind farm.
Terrestrial wind farm.

Wind is created by the differences between air temperatures over various areas. This is highly notable when considering the difference between the air over a body of water and the air over a body of land. Since air is not stable, and it moves, or blows, it can be used in the process of creating wind farm energy.

Wind farm on the ocean.
Wind farm on the ocean.

A wind farm is usually stocked with numerous turbines. These are machines that convert the air into electrical energy. They are similar to windmills but quite a bit more sophisticated. The design of turbines may vary to some degree, but they generally operate on the same principle.

When the moving air blows into turbines, there are blades inside that can be turned. This action is mechanical energy. There are also generators inside to convert that mechanical energy into electrical energy. That electrical energy is then funneled into cables that transmit the electricity to a network that allows it to be dispersed to consumers.

Many environmentalists support the generation and use of wind farm energy. It is considered to be green technology. There is generally no pollution created in this process, although some may argue about what will become of the parts of old machines. Some others dislike wind energy generation because of aesthetics. They believe placing turbines in open spaces or along coasts diminishes the visual appeal of those areas.

There are disadvantages to depending on wind farm energy. Wind supplies may not be stable. The wind may not blow at the same levels, or at all, during certain periods. Since wind farm energy is dependent on the movement of air, this creates a problem whereby insufficient amounts of power may be generated at certain times.

Another disadvantage is the need for selective positioning. Wind farm energy cannot feasibly be created in any random location. There must be sufficient amounts of wind that moves at sufficient speeds. There is also a need to make sure the wind can flow. This requires open spaces.

Many environmentalists support the use of wind farm energy.
Many environmentalists support the use of wind farm energy.

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