What Is Vanilla Lip Balm?

Nicole Long

Vanilla lip balm helps relieve chapped lips while leaving behind a subtle hint of vanilla flavoring. Made like other lip balms from a mixture of oils and wax, vanilla lip balm also contains a vanilla flavored additive. Lip balm may also contain other additives, such as sunscreens and colorant, to help address specific concerns or increase cosmetic appeal.

Lip balm helps retain moisture and prevents drying.
Lip balm helps retain moisture and prevents drying.

Lip balm helps provide moisture to dry, cracked lips. The emollient properties of lip balm are responsible for providing the lips with a protective barrier from the elements. This protects the lips from wind, sun, and general moisture loss from heat and dehydration. Lip balm is appropriate for a wide variety of people, including youth, adults, and athletes. Companies also place slogans and logos on packaging and use the product as a marketing and promotional tool.

Lip balm helps moisturize lips.
Lip balm helps moisturize lips.

Packaging options for lip balm abound in the marketplace. Plastic tubes, glass pots, and aluminum tins are all packaging options for lip balm. While the product inside is often the same, plastic tubes allow users to directly apply the balm to their lips, while pots and tins require the use of a finger to apply. Vanilla lip balm can be found in grocery stores, specialty stores, and can also be produced and packaged at home.

Recipes for vanilla lip balm vary. Most have a couple basic ingredients, including soybean, safflower, or vegetable oil as well as wax. Options for wax include beeswax, soy wax, or carnauba wax. These ingredients are melted together and allowed to solidify to form the base of the lip balm.

Other ingredients are also commonly found in vanilla lip balm, including shea butter, petrolatum, and lanolin. Ingredients like these help add moisture to the product. Commercial lip balms may also contain cetyl alcohol and camphor.

Vanilla flavoring is often added to lip balms to help enhance the taste of the product. This is done through the use of vanilla flavored oils and extracts. Flavoring is added to melted wax and oil before it is placed in the container to solidify.

Additional additives can be added to vanilla lip balm to increase the marketability and appeal of the product. This includes a sun protection factor (SPF) to encourage the use of lip balm during summer outings, such as going to the beach or park. Other additives include the addition of slivers of color to help provide users with an option beyond traditional clear lip balm.

Safflower oil can be a basic ingredient in vanilla lip balm.
Safflower oil can be a basic ingredient in vanilla lip balm.

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