How Do I Choose the Best Organic Lip Balm?

Karize Uy

In order to choose the best organic lip balm, you should look at the most important factor: the ingredients. Many store-bought lip balms claim that they are all-natural, but their labels say otherwise. Choose lip balms with natural ingredients from plants and oils. Beeswax is a common ingredient for organic lip balms, as well as natural essences such as lavender. Cocoa butter can also be a choice ingredient, as it is very moisturizing and fragrant.

A sun lover might want lip balm that contains natural sunscreen.
A sun lover might want lip balm that contains natural sunscreen.

You should be wary, on the other hand, of artificial ingredients. Chemicals like paraffin, which is a petrochemical, and oxybenzone, a synthetic ingredient, should be avoided. Fragrances and artificial coloring — especially those with numbers — are also an indication that the lip balm may not be organic. Do not choose lip balms that contain ingredients that are hard to read, such as “polyhydroxystearic acid.”

Lip balm may double as a lip tint.
Lip balm may double as a lip tint.

If you are the type of person who likes the sunshine, you can choose an organic lip balm that has natural sun protection. Zinc oxide is a natural sunscreen that can help protect your lips. Look also for the ingredient titanium dioxide to provide you with a double dose of sun protection. Check also for the sun protection factor (SPF) the lip balm contains. It is always best to choose one that has an SPF 20 or higher.

If you are prone to chapped lips, your organic lip balm should contain vitamins to keep your lips hydrated. Vitamin E and C are common natural ingredients, as they are powerful antioxidants and moisturizers. They also prevent your lips from having any discolorations. Other oils such as jojoba and shea butter are excellent organic ingredients that your lip balm can contain. Some organic lip balms even include olive oil in their ingredients, as it is also a very good moisturizer.

If you like an organic lip balm that doubles as a lip tint, you can look out for ingredients that give a natural reddish color, such as extracts from fruits and flowers. Popular choices are rose petals, cherry, and strawberry. Not only do these extracts give your lips that extra color, they also give it a refreshing scent and a yummy taste. Organic lip balms can also contain vanilla extracts to give it more fragrance.

If you like a scented lip balm, but do not like fruity scents, go for an organic lip balm with minty fragrances. Natural ingredients can include plant extracts from eucalyptus, mint, or even herbs like rosemary and thyme. When it comes to choosing lip balms, choose a product that contains natural, plant-extracted ingredients, and decide what suits your necessity, preference, and personality.

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