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What is Thigh Liposuction?

Ken Black
Ken Black

Thigh liposuction, or thigh liposculpture, is a type of suction-assisted lipoplasty often performed for cosmetic reasons that is focused on the thighs. As far as cosmetic surgeries go, liposuction is the most common type performed and the thighs is the most common area of interest. Therefore, thigh liposuction in particular is one of the most performed cosmetic surgeries in the world.

Thigh liposuction is more common in women than men, mainly due to where fat deposits are deposited based on gender. Fat is more commonly collected in women around the hips and thighs. While it is possible that the areas of concern could be the thighs in men, this is not normally the case. Rather, liposuction on men usually focuses on the abdomen.


Often, thigh liposuction is done with other areas of liposuction, such as the buttocks and hips. While this may or may not be done at the same time, the surgeries often go together. In some cases, doing one without the other may lead to a disproportionate look. Therefore, when considering costs, it may be necessary to consider that more than one area will need attention.

A thigh liposuction procedure is normally performed by a surgeon making an incision near the fold of the buttocks. A small tool is inserted that will help break up the fat deposits. This may be done by inserting a fluid as well. Once the fat is broken up, it is then removed using a high-pressure vacuum.

Thigh liposuction benefits are numerous. Many people report that their clothes fit better because they are not disproportionately large in the thigh area. There is some weight loss, perhaps a substantial weight loss, involved. Also, it may give some an incentive to keep their body in a particular shape.

As with all surgeries, there are some risks as well. Thigh liposuction dangers include the risk of infection and potentially life-threatening blood clots. While there are ways these risks can be minimized, it may be impossible to totally eliminate them. Therefore, the risks versus the benefits are an important consideration. Soreness can also prolong the recovery period, delaying a return to a normal routine and disrupting lives even further.

Thigh liposuction alternatives include maintaining a proper diet and exercise program. While body fat burns uniformly, if there is more fat deposited in a certain area, using that stored fat will often mean results are seen in that area first. This may be the easiest and safest way to achieve a new look, but will take dedication and work.

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