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What is Ankle Liposuction?

Traci Behringer
Traci Behringer

Ankle liposuction is a medical procedure performed on the ankles to reduce the amount of fat under the skin in that area of the body. Any type of liposuction involves the insertion of a tube under the skin and the use of suction to remove fat that has built up in that area. Most commonly, this procedure is performed on parts of the body where the most fat is stored, such as the abdomen, hips and thighs, but it also can be performed on the ankles.

When discussing beauty, a word that sometimes comes up is the slang term "cankle." This occurs when the calves and ankles meet but there is no tapering; in other words, it looks like a straight connection, and it's difficult to tell where one begins and the other ends. While common in overweight people, this condition can even occur in the trimmest person. Ankle liposuction reshapes the ankle and allows normal, visible tapering to occur.

Compression stockings are typically prescribed following ankle liposuction.
Compression stockings are typically prescribed following ankle liposuction.

Though it would be safe to say ankle liposuction can improve how a person's legs look, there are limitations. For example, a person's age, skin elasticity, previous exercise history and amount of accumulated fat all factor into how well the procedure will work. There are also a few other factors one should consider before getting liposuction in the ankles. Depending on how extensively a doctor must shape the ankle, ankle liposuction can cost be costly. In many cases, insurance will not cover the procedure if it is for merely cosmetic reasons.

There is an excess amount of bone and muscle in the ankle, so there are some risks involved. The risks, however, are relatively low. In fact, after the procedure, the patient might return to regular work activity after only five to seven days if the patient's legs were kept elevated as much as possible during recovery. No matter whether the patient returns to work after this short period of time, he or she typically must wear medical compression stockings for about four weeks for total recovery.

Anyone interested in undergoing ankle liposuction should ensure that it is for a healthy reason. The procedure is intended to define the ankle shaping from the calf. Removing an excessive amount of tissue from the ankles can cause serious tissue damage — specifically to the blood vessels deep in the ankle. The reduction of volume within the ankles is also permanent.

Patients who wish to undergo ankle liposuction also commonly experience problems with the volume in the knee and thigh. If desired, he or she can have it taken care of at the same time or at a later date. Liposuction involves making two or three small holes that are about 0.1 inches (2 mm) wide. These holes are very small in size, so no suturing is required, they will heal rapidly, and they might not leave any visible marks.

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    • Compression stockings are typically prescribed following ankle liposuction.
      By: nito
      Compression stockings are typically prescribed following ankle liposuction.