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What is the Internet Advertising Bureau?

Daphne Mallory
Daphne Mallory

The Internet Advertising Bureau, or IAB, is a trade organization made up of marketers, agencies, and brand managers who promote goods and services using digital advertising. The association’s headquarters are in London, United Kingdom, and the organization consists of more than 500 members. The main purpose is to help members more effectively promote their brands and engage customers through Internet advertisement. It also includes strategies for success with mobile technology, such as advertisement and branding using smart phones. The association provides up-to-date research to its members and organizes conferences and events as well.

When marketers want research and information pertaining to digital advertising and marketing in the United Kingdom or in general, they will often find what they need on the Internet Advertising Bureau’s website. The association offers articles, guides, and handbooks on many topics related to online marketing and branding. For example, if a marketer wanted to learn what the standard formats for online advertising are, he or she could find that information in the Standards and Guidelines section of the website. It also offers digital books on industry best practices and other topics to help marketers succeed with branding using digital formats. In addition to its own publications, the association sometimes partners with other organizations to conduct and publish studies on issues related to Internet advertising.

Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

Association members and anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in digital advertising can take courses that are offered by the Internet Advertising Bureau. These range from beginner courses to advanced and are offered at IAB offices in London or online. Some of the courses include digital project management, optimization, and digital brand building. Companies can also arrange to have custom training sessions, called Bespoke Training, with the Internet Advertising Bureau. The association requires that at least five people register to attend, but often an entire company staff can participate in the training.

There are membership benefits to joining the Internet Advertising Bureau, and they are not available to the public. Members are included in a directory with full contact information, which makes it easy for members to network with one another. They can also access archived newsletters that contain trends, news, and other information to help them succeed with their branding strategies. Some of the content on the association’s website can only be accessed by members, such as studies on industry trends. Members can also participate in working groups at the IAB offices, where various issues pertaining to digital advertising are explored.

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    • Businessman giving a thumbs-up
      Businessman giving a thumbs-up