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What is Temporary Job Placement?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

Temporary job placement is a type of employment in which a person is given a job, which is understood by both the employee and the employer to be on a temporary basis. This type of job placement is often assisted by the use of a temporary job placement agency, or temp agency, which works with employers and potential employees to find suitable pairings. Temporary job placements are usually short term, often to fill a need during a busy time of year or when someone within a company has taken a leave of absence. Such positions, however, may often have opportunities for full-time extension if the company and employee find the situation mutually advantageous.

Types of temporary job placement tend to be most common in retail establishments and office settings, where people with the necessary skills or availability can come in and effectively supplement the existing work force. In a retail setting, this type of job can often be a seasonal or holiday position, allowing additional employees to be brought on when business is much greater during particular times of year. For an office, a temporary job placement can often be a way for a business to hire on new people without having to go through hiring procedures, allowing an agency to do it for them, and with short-term employment in mind.

Businessman with a briefcase
Businessman with a briefcase

A temp agency is a business that works to find people with suitable skills and knowledge to work at a company for a temporary period, and then assists those people in finding temporary job placement. These types of companies can be popular for businesses, since they will effectively interview and test candidates to ensure they qualify for a position. This allows other companies to hire through such an agency without having to go through a lengthy hiring process. The temp agency is usually paid a fee for the services of a temporary employee, and the employee is also paid by the company he or she is working at temporarily.

Though temporary job placement is often just what it seems, only temporary, there are sometimes possibilities for the placement to become long term if the employee and business wish it so. For retail companies, this often means a temporary employee has proven himself or herself an asset to the store and is worth keeping on even during slower times. Companies that hire through a temp agency will often have to pay the agency a fee to hire the employee full time. This means that the extension of temporary job placement is often in the best interest of a temp agency, as it will provide a financial bonus to the agency.

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    • Businessman with a briefcase
      Businessman with a briefcase