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How can I get Free Job Placement?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Government funded, nonprofit employment centers are often good locations for getting free job placement. Community work resource centers, or job clubs, are located in many cities and towns for the purpose of helping locals find employment. Independent, for-profit agencies that charge employers rather than those looking for work can also be good sources for getting free job placement.

If your job skills fall in a distinct area, such as legal, medical, construction or education, contacting an agency that specializes in a certain industry or career may work out well. Keep in mind though that all types of employment agencies and centers will require a lot of information from you to keep on their database. When a particular position comes up, job placement consultants then search the database for those who best match the employer's preferences. Taking care to list all of your skills and specific experience may help you match with more positions and have more of a chance of being chosen for free job placement.

Some job placement services are designed to help single parents.
Some job placement services are designed to help single parents.

A good way to stand out from your competition for jobs from resource centers and agencies is to develop a relationship with the consultants. Be politely persistent by communicating with them regularly to show that you're a person employers will want to hire because you have motivation and take initiative. Remember that a sincere, professional attitude means a lot when people are choosing between job applicants.

Someone who plays an active part in trying to find work rather than resigned to just being included on a list will make a better impression. Know the consultants by name and regularly check for any new free job placement leads. Also, ask their professional advice on anything else you can do, such as attend an upcoming work shop or hiring fair they may have information about. You don't want to be a pest, but rather be enthusiastic about working with them and doing everything you can to help them find the best employer match for you.

If you're a single parent, on a low income, have a disability, or fit into another marginalized group, search in your community for organizations that specialize in free job placement for these types of persons. Oftentimes, these organizations have other free resources or services, such as career clothing and help with transportation or resume preparation. Anyway in which you can narrow down your competition can help you and your skills stand out to work placement consultants who are in the position to provide you with free job placement.

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    • Some job placement services are designed to help single parents.
      By: Rido
      Some job placement services are designed to help single parents.