What is Telecommunication Industry Analysis?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Telecommunication industry analysis is an evaluation of the telecommunications industry to provide people with information about the projected future of the industry as well as current trends. A firm can prepare an analysis on commission from clients or for the purpose of release in a publication like a trade magazine. Government regulators, telecommunications companies, and investment firms all have an interest in the industry's performance as well as predictions about where the industry will go.

Analysts track current and projected future trends in the telecommunications industry.
Analysts track current and projected future trends in the telecommunications industry.

Analysts responsible for preparing the document typically start with a history and industry overview. They discuss major current trends including different products and services on the market. They also look at subscriber numbers and the history of growth in the industry. Typically the telecommunication industry analysis will look at manufacturers of equipment, service providers, and other players in the industry to generate a complete overview of all the different aspects, from line repair personnel to mobile phone manufacturers.

The analysis looks at projected changes. These can include responses to regulations or agreements made by the industry as well as trends in how members of the public use telecommunications. The telecommunication industry analysis may highlight areas of particular consumer interest, looking at services with rising or falling demand to help people understand where the industry is likely to go in the future.

Telecommunications companies can use an analysis internally for tasks like deciding where to allocate research and development funds and how to market their products. They also provide brief analyses in annual reports for investors and members of the public to provide them with information about the industry. This information is designed to increase confidence in the company's products and services, with the goal of promoting increased investment activity and keeping investors satisfied.

Government agencies can use a telecommunication industry analysis in the process of reviewing proposed regulations, deciding which polices to implement, and working with telecommunications companies to address issues of concern and interest. They may be interested in topics like the financial impacts of a proposed rule change, or newly emerging and poorly regulated areas of the market that need attention to protect consumers.

Individual investors as well as mutual funds, investment firms, and other institutions can rely on a telecommunication industry analysis to make investment decisions. The document can determine how and where they invest and plays an important role in making sound, informed investment decisions to contribute to steady growth of a fund or portfolio.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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