What Is Service Industry Analysis?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

A service industry analysis is an evaluation of trends and events in the sector of the economy focused on providing products and services. This includes retail, food, transportation, and services like repair and refurbishment. Analysis can be performed for the benefit of members of the industry, government regulators, investors, or other interested parties. Depending on why the industry is being evaluated, the topics covered and focus of the analysis can vary.

A restaurant industry analysis might look at sales trends over time for various types of establishments.
A restaurant industry analysis might look at sales trends over time for various types of establishments.

Typically, a service industry analysis discusses the current state of the industry. It can break it down into different sectors to look at economic conditions in each, including earnings, losses, and market movements. Areas of unusual growth or decline may be highlighted for additional discussion to provide information about these trends for the benefit of readers. Analyses can also look at imports and exports, regulatory influences on the industry, and other political issues that might be important.

Coverage of the history of the industry can also be important, particularly in the context of a discussion about a specific sector. A service industry analysis looking specifically at restaurants might want to discuss trends in sales over time, for example. It can also look at the history of different kinds of food establishments and tie this in with the current assessment. For example, if fast food sales are rising relative to other kinds of restaurants, this information could be important to view in a historical context as well as a current one.

Projections for the future are also included. Estimates about future sales and trends can be based on what is happening currently, planned legislation, consumer surveys, and other data. Service industry analysis can provide important information about where increased activity is likely to occur. This can help companies position themselves to take advantage of new trends. Knowing, for example, that demand for microwave dinners is rising can allow a food services firm to develop a line of products to target this market.

Regulators may be interested in topics like how planned or proposed legislation could affect the industry, while investors typically want more information on projections so they can make good decisions for the future. Within the industry, firms can commission a service industry analysis to get a better picture of the future direction of the market. This can help them avoid trends that are on the way out while preparing for predicted shifts that might benefit them in the long term.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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