What is Spray-On Insulation?

Malcolm Tatum

Spray-on insulation is a type of insulating agent that can be sprayed directly onto a surface, in a manner much like spraying on paint. The insulation normally begins to expand as it sets, making it possible to create a sturdy layer of insulation that is up to three or four inches thick. Because this type of insulation can be used to coat exposed beams and buildings with open rafters, the product is available in a wide range of colors and textures.

Spray-on foam insulation on a house.
Spray-on foam insulation on a house.

As with other types of insulation, the spray-on variety serves several useful purposes. Utilizing this product to insulate areas such as attics with exposed beams and rafters or open roofs in manufacturing plants helps to increase the efficiency of climate control within the space. The thermal properties of spray-on insulation are similar to the benefits provided by wall and floor insulation and make it much easier to heat and cool rooms regardless of the outside temperature.

Spray-on insulation.
Spray-on insulation.

Along with the thermal benefits of spray-on insulation, the product can also help to minimize noise in the space. This can include cutting down on the echoing effect in open spaces as well as making it possible to coat walls and reduce the transfer of sound from one room to another. Because the spray-on insulation is available in different colors and textures, it is relatively easy to choose a product that will reduce noise while still working well with the general d├ęcor of the space.

On of the properties of spray-on insulation that help with heating and cooling control as well as noise reduction is the ability to fill in small gaps and cracks in the general architecture of the space. Because the product will expand as it dries and adheres to the surface, this insulation type can seep into small spaces and effectively seal them before drying. As a result, there are fewer openings for outside air to invade the room, and also fewer cracks and crevices that would allow sound to pass into the space unobstructed. Thus, the spray-on insulation helps to make the space more energy efficient while minimizing noise.

It is possible to purchase spray-on insulation at many home stores as well as many industry supply stores. Spray equipment similar to a paint gun is normally used to apply the product in even coats. As with any type of insulation product, it is important to read the manufacturer instructions carefully before using the spray-on insulation. In addition, it is usually recommended to wear a breathing mask, some type of eye protection, and protective clothing while the space is being insulated.

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