What are Insulation Contractors?

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Insulation contractors are professional contractors who sell and install insulation for residential and commercial buildings. Insulation contractors may retail insulation products to do-it-yourself customers, as well as provide installation of insulation products. Whether you choose to insulate your home with aluminum foil, loose-fill, blown, or rolled insulation, an insulation contractor will provide you with basic information regarding the product you have chosen to use.

A roll of mineral wool insulation.
A roll of mineral wool insulation.

In the United States, insulation contractors are represented by a professional organization called Insulation Contractors Association of America (ICAA). According to federal and state regulations and licensing requirements, insulation contractors are required to provide certain information regarding the insulation products they sell. Manufacturer information sheets and the R-value, or the measure of heat flow resistance, of insulation products are examples of required information.

An insulation contractor installs insulation.
An insulation contractor installs insulation.

When deciding to insulate your home, choosing an insulation contractor to help you select the type and amount of insulation that will provide the best efficiency for your home is a cost-effective decision. Without proper insulation, heat and air conditioning can escape through small cracks and crevices in your home. Proper insulation improves energy efficiency and makes your home more comfortable to live in. Various factors, including climate, type of construction, and living habits can determine the most effective type of insulation to install. Insulation contractors are trained to recognize these factors and select the best materials for a home as well as install them properly.

While some installation of insulation can be accomplished on your own, such as rolled insulation in an attic or crawl space, other types of insulation installation can prove more difficult. If you need to insulate your walls or ceilings for example, an insulation contractor may be your best choice. Also, if you have certain health conditions, such as asthma or other respiratory complications, it may be necessary to hire a professional.

To locate professional insulation contractors, check your local yellow pages or visit the ICAA’s website.

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