What Is Resin Wicker?

Anna Harrison

Resin wicker is a synthetic material that is mainly used for outdoor furniture. It looks just like real wicker but is much more useful and durable. It is made into similar products and sold in countless garden centers, home stores, and department stores around the world. While real wicker is beautiful, it requires a lot of care and eventually deteriorates. Modern resin wicker requires far less care and may last for decades.

Resin wicker looks just like real wicker, but is much more useful and durable.
Resin wicker looks just like real wicker, but is much more useful and durable.

Real wicker is made from various natural fibers, including rattan, which bend easily. This makes it ideal for weaving into baskets, chairs, and other products. Due to its potential for breakdown, however, it is now used mostly indoors. Resin, on the other hand, is all but indestructible. It has become very popular in recent years for patio furniture as well as poolside use and can be left outdoors in both extremely hot and cold weather.

Unlike rattan wicker, this synthetic wicker is resistant to the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays. It will not fade or weaken and maintains its color even when exposed to the elements on a long-term basis. It is very comfortable and strong and can bear more weight than traditional wicker furniture. The cost is also significantly less than pricey natural wicker.

One of the additional advantages of resin wicker is that it does not need to be painted. With so many small, interwoven branches, rattan wicker is known for being difficult to paint. Painted natural wicker also chips and flakes very easily. Resin wicker, however, is manufactured in countless colors; green, white, and tan are among the most popular shades.

Most better quality resin wicker is machine woven over an aluminum base to increase sturdiness while maintaining a light weight. This also keeps the furniture from warping and cracking. Resin wicker may also be woven over a bamboo or rattan frame, but this greatly decreases its lifespan. The bamboo or rattan frame will break or rot long before the wicker.

Complete outdoor dining sets are made out of resin wicker, as are sofas with cushions, chaise lounges, Adirondack chairs, gliders, side tables, and even picnic baskets. Numerous styles are available in both intricate and traditional patterns. Most resin wicker also comes with a warranty.

Cleaning resin furniture could not be easier. Natural wicker requires washing with soap and water and then air drying and dusting. It may also need a yearly sealant if it is used outdoors. Resin products can simply be rinsed off with a garden hose.

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