How Do I Choose the Best Resin Wicker Furniture?

Dan Cavallari

Resin wicker furniture is a great choice for outdoor furniture because it is resistant to water damage, discoloration from direct sunlight, and mold and mildew buildup. It is also easy to clean, and it does not need to be taken inside during the winter months, since moisture will not affect the resin wicker furniture's durability or longevity. Choosing the best furniture for your needs starts with determining how many people you need to accommodate and how often. Think about what kinds of activities the furniture will be used for; lounging will require different furniture than barbecuing or serving meals, for example.

A basket made using the wicker process.
A basket made using the wicker process.

Unlike more traditional wicker furniture, resin wicker furniture is made from synthetic materials that are waterproof. Wicker is traditionally made from natural materials such as rattan or even reeds, but these materials are not resistant to water damage. Choosing any resin wicker furniture will allow you to have a waterproof and strong furniture set, but not all resin furniture is high quality. Look for a tight, strong weave, or furniture that is simply molded to imitate the look of wicker weaving. A loose weave will lead to fast breakdown of the furniture, as well as discomfort when sitting in the chairs.

Resin wicker furniture is made from synthetic materials that are waterproof.
Resin wicker furniture is made from synthetic materials that are waterproof.

Choose the right amount of furniture. If you have a small patio or balcony, one or two chairs may be sufficient, but larger patio spaces will require more chairs and a larger table to accommodate several guests. If you will be primarily lounging on the resin wicker furniture, choose adjustable and reclining deck chairs that are comfortable and sturdy. Regardless of what types of furniture you buy, make sure the units are sturdy and feature stout legs that can handle a fair amount of weight. The chairs and tables should not buckle under load, and they should not wobble or otherwise sway when loaded down.

Consider resin wicker furniture that features cushions. These cushions will enhance the comfort of chairs and recliners, but it is important to choose the right types of cushions. Choose cushions made from synthetic materials that are at least water-resistant, if not waterproof, and make sure they are quick-drying. These cushions should be easy to clean, either by machine washing or hand washing. Some cushions can simply be sprayed off with a hose and air dried, which is perhaps the most convenient option. if possible, choose cushions that can somehow be secured to the chair to prevent shifting during use.

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