What is Reiki 1?

M. Ramya

Reiki 1 is the first of the various levels of Reiki, a Japanese method of healing. This type of healing is administered by touching, primarily with the hands. Reiki 1 is considered the most important level for a beginner because it initiates him or her to Reiki energy for life. This level is primarily for self-healing, but it might channel into healing others too.

In Reiki 1, hand placement on the body, focusing on healing zones, is taught.
In Reiki 1, hand placement on the body, focusing on healing zones, is taught.

In this level, the instructor teaches the students a number of "attunements." Students learn about various Reiki traditions and affirmations. During an initial Reiki session, the student receives reiju, also called denju or initiation, by learning about various hand positions and methods for administering Reiki. Hand placement on the body, focusing on the healing zones, is taught. The main concepts of Reiki are explained, as is the process of Reiki.

Though each session follows the same principle, lessons might slightly differ according to the Reiki master instructor's preference. Typical lesson components might include how to self-heal; how to heal animals and plants; and how to heal other humans of both minor and major ailments. The duration of Reiki 1 is dependent on the teacher. Some hold four to five sessions spread over a few weeks, and others might complete it in a day or two. Reiki 1 can be completed in a short period, even on the same day, but it must be practiced regularly or a refresher Reiki session or a re-attunement might be required later.

Practical sessions always complement the theory part of the course. Students can immediately practice what they have learned and experience Reiki healing. There are no examinations to pass this level, because the aim is to learn, not test. More often than not, masters spend little time in theorizing, because more importance is given to practical sessions. The focus is on receiving and using Reiki, feeling the flow of life energy from one channel to another.

Reiki 1 can be taken by any one, regardless of his or her health. There are many learners who have several health issues and have benefited from learning Reiki and practicing self-healing. There are no age or time restrictions.

Often, an internal cleansing process is triggered upon completion of Reiki 1. It might involve physical cleansing, and the learner might experience symptoms. The most significant changes observed after completing Reiki 1 are often an improved immune system, increased serenity and an improvement in overall well-being.

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