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What is a Reiki Attunement?

Jacob Queen
Jacob Queen

A reiki attunement is the method by which a person becomes a reiki master. Reiki is a method of spiritual-based healing that was developed in 1922 by Dr. Mikao Usui. The central concept of reiki is the belief that levels of spiritual energy control the health of the spirit, mind, and body. If a person has low levels of this energy, then reiki practitioners believe that her mental and physical health are in danger.

The process of becoming a master of reiki does not involve study, practice, or any sort of apprenticeship. Practitioners believe the skill is simply passed, via unseen energy, from a master to a pupil. There is no set criterion, and the master can perform a reiki attunement on anyone he wishes, as long as they are a willing participant.

Reiki is a method of spiritual-based healing.
Reiki is a method of spiritual-based healing.

People who follow reiki believe that the attunement process is aided by spiritual beings, which help the master pass along the energy to the student. They call this energy "life-force," and during an attunement, the recipient is given so much of this force that they come away able to pass it along to others. There are generally three levels of attunement, with a third degree being the highest level attainable. A reiki attunement is believed to be permanent and not dependent on the recipient’s later mindset or behavior.

Reiki is not based on or affiliated with any religion, but followers have stated that it has helped them develop a better understanding of God and spirituality. They also claim a calmness of spirit and increased mental acuity. According to many followers, reiki and reiki attunements can often cure many physical ailments.

Followers who are preparing for reiki attunement have a three-day regimen of behavior that is recommended for a successful transfer of the energy force. They must forgo the consumption of meat, alcohol, sweets, and tobacco. Daily meditation and exercise are also suggested. To optimize mental clarity and spiritual receptiveness, it is recommended that television and radio be avoided.

For those wishing to receive reiki attunement, it is first necessary to locate a reiki center with a master capable of performing the ceremony. The master may choose to perform the attunement on request, or she may require a period of study and instruction. There are no set rules or guidelines that govern the principles of reiki or the performance of reiki attunement.

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    • Reiki is a method of spiritual-based healing.
      By: nyul
      Reiki is a method of spiritual-based healing.