What Is Premium Mulch?

Dana DeCecco

Premium mulch is a ground covering that exhibits superior performance over more common or less expensive varieties of mulch. Organic and inorganic varieties of are available for specific uses, including vegetable gardening or ground cover. Premium gardening mulches are composed of shredded hardwood and softwood trees. Inorganic products include stone and recycled rubber products. Each type of mulch exhibits qualities and characteristics that provide unique advantages.

Mulching can prevent later weed growth.
Mulching can prevent later weed growth.

Cedar, cypress, and pine are considered premium mulch for a variety of reasons. All three exhibit insect repellent properties and have a pleasant, aromatic smell. Cyprus is an excellent matting mulch and works very well on sloped landscapes. Cedar replaces valuable nutrients in the soil and is a great bug repellent. Pine is another excellent matting mulch, has great insulating qualities, and is relatively inexpensive.

Premium mulch provides soil nutrients, holds moisture, and repels insects.
Premium mulch provides soil nutrients, holds moisture, and repels insects.

The most common hardwood premium mulch is white oak. Hardwood mulches decompose more slowly than softwood and maintain their natural color for a longer period of time. White oak mulch is often colored with natural vegetable tints to provide colorful landscapes. Aged hardwood mulches are durable and make excellent playground coverings. All wood mulches are made from either the core of the tree or the bark.

All mulch products help to maintain soil moisture and control weeds. Premium shredded wood mulches decompose over time into a rich black soil and are best suited to amending soil properties. Mulches should be applied to the surface and not mixed into the soil. Organic mulches also alter the structure of the soil, bringing an almost immediate effect to plant development and root growth. Organic varieties of premium mulch products enhance soil quality and add aesthetic beauty to the landscape.

Inorganic mulch may be the best choice for common ground cover when soil quality is not an issue. Premium mulch composed of stone and rubber products will last a very long time. Granular and shredded rubber products are great for playground areas and can also be used for gardens. The advantage of premium rubber mulch is efficient water drainage in high traffic areas. Rubber products do not attract insects and provide a soft cushion for playground areas.

Inorganic products can be used in gardens to control weeds and maintain moisture but will not improve soil conditions. Stone mulch is attractive and long lasting. Different shapes, sizes, and colors are available to create functional and durable landscape effects. As with rubber, stone products offer moisture retention and weed control while providing good water drainage. Premium stone mulch is typically inexpensive and requires little maintenance.

Premium mulch products are available from landscape supply centers by the bag, ton, or truckload. Bagged products are convenient for do-it-yourself landscapers and are available at local home improvement stores. Various online resources and retailers provide information, specifications, and pictures of premium mulch products. Delivery services are normally available for mulch products.

Premium mulch can be purchased by the bag, ton or truckload.
Premium mulch can be purchased by the bag, ton or truckload.

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