What are the Best Tips for Buying Mulch? (with picture)

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton
Rubber mulch is often manufactured from recycled tires.
Rubber mulch is often manufactured from recycled tires.

One of the things to consider when buying mulch is its intended purpose. Another factor might be what it is made from, or where it originated. It could also be helpful to know how much mulch is needed for a particular area, in order to determine what it might cost to purchase.

People who want to control weeds around large trees or along walkways may want to purchase large wood chips made of pine bark for this purpose. On the other hand, gardeners might choose finely-shredded hardwood for use in flowerbeds or around shrubs. Rubber mulch, such as that from recycled tires, might be ideal for a playground, while pine straw could be best suited for vegetables.

Mulch comes in a variety of different colors, but is most often black. People who want to use this product as a decorative accent might want to look at all the shades that are available. They could then purchase a color that compliments the area where it is being placed, in order to add visual interest and variety.

Knowing where the material originated can be important information to have before buying mulch. This is because some wood mulch might be made from old homes and, therefore, contains paint or other chemicals. Cypress mulch might also come from clear-cutting forests, which can be harmful to the environment. Rubber mulch is typically made from automobile tires that contain a number of different chemicals, and, for this reason, is not recommended for use around plants.

Many gardeners have a difficult time trying to determine how much mulch they need to buy. In order to get a good estimate, a homeowner could measure the spot where they plan to place this material in order to determine its area. They can then multiply this amount by the desired depth, or the number of inches or centimeters thick they would like to spread it.

In some instances, buying mulch may not be necessary. Many times utility companies or tree trimmers chip up waste products into mulch, in order to get rid of it. They may be willing to give it away for free in some instances and may even deliver it for a nominal fee.

Buying mulch can sometimes be a frustrating experience for many people. After considering all the options available, the choice is usually simplified somewhat. This can result in an outdoor landscape that not only looks good but conditions the soil and protects plants at the same time.

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    • Rubber mulch is often manufactured from recycled tires.
      Rubber mulch is often manufactured from recycled tires.