What is Penny Round Tile?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett
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Penny round tile is a style of tile characterized by small round pieces separated by grout. This type of tile is made from many different materials in many different colors and can be used on walls, floors, and other applications. Given how difficult achieving an even look can be with this type of tile, many people elect to have penny round tile installed professionally. These tiles are usually sold in sheets, which can make installation much easier.

Like other tile, penny round tile comes in almost every color imaginable. It also, however, comes in an unusual variety of materials. It is common to see both glass and ceramic penny round tile, and occasionally metal tiles can be found as well. Very unusual penny round tile might be made of actual coins, although this is usually a custom job. If a suitable style of tile cannot be found, it is sometimes possible to have this type of tile made for a specific project.

Sheets of penny round tile can be sold in a single color or in a variegated variety, but they are also sometimes sold in deliberate patterns like stripes or flowers. An artistically minded person can often cut sheets of penny tile in order to form unique designs, although caution must be used in order to prevent the finished tile from looking uneven. It is very difficult to cut penny rounds in half, so cutting between tiles is recommended. Installing the tile in such a way that the tiles themselves will not have to be cut is usually the best way to keep the edges of the installation looking professional.

While this type of tile is acceptable for many different applications, using glass tiles on floors should be approached with caution. Using heavily glazed tiles can also be dangerous because the tiles can be slippery. Many people do enjoy the look of these tiles on bathroom floors, so it is not uncommon to use them for this purpose. The tiles can also be used on walls or to create decorative back splashes with much less risk of damage.

Installing penny rounds is often extremely difficult, so most people choose to have tile installation professionals do this job. Even when using tile sheets, the tiles can still come out uneven, particularly at the edges of the sheets. Uneven tile almost always looks unappealing when finished, and it can be much less expensive to hire a professional than to repeat the job. If a person will be doing the job himself, reading all relevant directions before starting is the best way to avoid mistakes.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing