What are the Different Types of Linoleum Floor Tile?

Harriette Halepis
Harriette Halepis
Linoleum is made with linseed oil.
Linoleum is made with linseed oil.

Linoleum floor tile is generally made from renewable materials such as linseed oil; wood flour, a type of finely milled wood; or certain minerals. Eco-friendly linoleum is a popular choice amongst homeowners worldwide. Essentially, there are three basic types of linoleum floor tile: solid tiles, printed tiles, and composite tiles.

Solid tiles have a natural appearance due to the fact that they do not contain as much plastic as printed and composite tiles. These tiles are made by molding resin, which gives the finished tile an aesthetically appealing look. These tiles often have inlaid abstract patterns that most homeowners enjoy, though patterns can vary from company to company.

Sheet linoleum is a popular choice for kitchens.
Sheet linoleum is a popular choice for kitchens.

Printed tiles are created through a layering process, which contributes to the overall look of the tile. These tiles come in a number of colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns, including faux wood, leather, and stucco. Printed linoleum floor tile is often easier to install than other types of tiles, and some of these tiles even come with self-adhesive backs.

Composite tiles are not usually used in residential homes, though they are perfect for industrial areas. A harder surface makes composite tiles durable and wear-resistant, which is necessary inside of an industrial space. Design-wise, these tiles are usually solid in color, although many different colors are available to consumers.

Selecting the right linoleum floor tile for your space is merely a matter of taking a closer look at each type of tile. Most consumers are instantly drawn to one tile pattern over another. If you are looking for linoleum floor tile that includes an interesting abstract pattern, then you may want to look at solid tiles. On the other hand, printed tiles are great for creating a unique look.

Linoleum floor tile can be purchased online or in any home improvement store. While you may be able to get a better price when shopping on the Internet, it is highly recommended that floor tiles be purchased in person. This way, you can determine the actual feel and look of a tile before purchase.

Unlike other types of flooring, linoleum floor tiles are relatively easy to install. While a contractor may be necessary when it comes to oddly shaped floors, most homeowners can effectively install this type of tile without the help of a contractor. For ease, look for tiles that have sticky backs -- these are the easiest to install. Otherwise, make sure that your space is entirely mapped out prior to installation.

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@Jacques6 - Yeah, laying floor tile is a pain in the butt if you've never done it before. I almost went with the glue-it-yourself linoleum tiles, but I decided that the self adhesive floor tiles were invented for a reason. I actually managed on my own with the sticky back tiles. After laying down the linoleum in the kitchen, I redid the bathrooms too.

I don't think I would have managed with the glue kind, I'm not that organized. This way I could just cut them and lay them down as I went. It was nice and easy – so if you have to redo your tile in the future and are brave enough to do it yourself again – go with the sticky back tiles.


A year or two back, I decided to redo the tile in my kitchen myself. It was a nightmare. I had never done tiling before and figured that I would learn as I go. I didn't get the sticky back kind of tile and had to do the glue. To say the least, I had to have the sloppy tiling replaced a month later -- mostly because the edges kept popping up.

If anybody plans on doing their own linoleum kitchen floor, have someone there who's done it before. It's better to admit that you need help than replace the entire floor again.

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    • Linoleum is made with linseed oil.
      Linoleum is made with linseed oil.
    • Sheet linoleum is a popular choice for kitchens.
      Sheet linoleum is a popular choice for kitchens.