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What is Pedicure Nail Art?

Pamela Pleasant
Pamela Pleasant

Pedicure nail art refers to placing certain designs on the toenails to decorate them. Typically these designs are placed over a freshly polished or French manicured nail. There are many ways to apply these designs as well as many types of designs. Pedicure nail art can be as easy as adding different colors or textures to the nail. It can also be very intricate and time consuming.

There are many ways to apply pedicure nail art. Designs can be painted onto the nail using a nail polish brush and by air- brushing colors with precision. Stencil templates can be placed over the nail and used for a design outline. Pedicure nail art stickers are available and they are very simple to use. A design is placed on a transparent plastic sheet and applied to the nail for an air-brushed looked.

Nail polish is used to apply designs to the nail.
Nail polish is used to apply designs to the nail.

When it comes to choosing pedicure nail art, the options are virtually endless. Any variation of colors and designs are considered art and this all depends on the desired outcome. For casual wear, a second colored stripe or horizontal design may be appropriate. Special occasions may require a more difficult design. After the color design is in place, other items can be added for a more sophisticated look.

Faux textures can be added to the toenail to produce a material look. A lace pattern can be painted onto the toenail, so it appears as though a part of the nail is covered in lace. Plaid colors can be painted on the nail for a plaid material look. Jewelry can also be added to the nail. Rhinestones, tiny pendants, and metal settings can all be glued onto the nail for decoration.

Longer toenails can even be pierced and small rings placed through the nail. Heart, circular shapes, and hoops with dangling designs can be added and replaced. Things like glitter and painted designs can accompany a pierced toenail for an overall look. For example, if a long stem and leaf is painted onto a toenail, a small rhinestone pendant ring can take the place of the flower. Unlike a glued on pendant, a pierced toenail pedant is less likely to come out.

After a pedicure nail art design has been completed it should be covered with a protective clear sealant. Nail piercing is typically not used on synthetic nails because they can easily crack. Some types of nail polish and air brushing paint can cause skin irritations and allergic reactions.

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    • Nail polish is used to apply designs to the nail.
      By: larisabozhikova
      Nail polish is used to apply designs to the nail.