What is Micardis®?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton
Micardis® is prescribed for high blood pressure.
Micardis® is prescribed for high blood pressure.

Micardis®, also known as telmisartan, is a prescription medication used to treat high blood pressure. This drug works by decreasing chemicals naturally found in the body that cause blood vessels to constrict. It also prevents the body from storing sodium and keeps extra fluid from building up in the kidneys. The medicine is normally prescribed in pill form and is taken once or twice a day.

Telmisartan is manufactured in Germany and distributed to pharmacies throughout the world. It is protected by a patent, which is set to expire in 2014. As of 2011, no generic forms of this drug exist, even though several companies report making such.

This medication is used to treat high blood pressure. It works as an antiotesen II receptor block (ARB). This means it decreases the amount of antiotesen II, a chemical that causes blood vessels to constrict. When blood vessels are opened up, blood pressure levels normally decrease.

In addition to opening blood vessels, Micardis® also reduces the amount of sodium and fluid retained by the body. It is especially effective in keeping salt and water from being stored in the kidneys. An excess of both salt and water can lead to constricted blood vessels, causing pressure to soar. By keeping levels as close to normal as possible, a surge in blood pressure is less likely to occur.

Most people take Micardis® once or twice a day. It can be taken with or without food. The dosage can depend on whether a patient is taking other medications, family history, and age. It might also be dependent upon how long a person has been suffering from this condition and how high blood pressure readings are.

Some common side effects of Micardis® are muscle pain and weakness. In some cases, these may be accompanied by a fever or urine that is very dark. People who notice these symptoms while taking this drug should consult their physician for advice. It is important not to discontinue use until advised to do so, as stopping treatment could result in a heart attack or stroke.

Certain people should avoid taking Micardis®. This includes women who are pregnant or breast-feeding, as it could cause harm to the baby. Patients who have kidney or liver disease are normally advised not to take this medication. Individuals who do use this drug should avoid drinking alcohol, taking sodium or potassium tablets, or becoming dehydrated while doing so.

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    • Micardis® is prescribed for high blood pressure.
      By: niyazz
      Micardis® is prescribed for high blood pressure.