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What Is Low-Carb Protein Powder?

Cindy Quarters
Cindy Quarters

A low carbohydrate diet, often shortened to simply low carb diet, is a type of weight loss diet where foods containing carbohydrates are restricted. Low-carb protein powder is a protein-based powder that many dieters use to make shakes to use as meal replacements or snacks. There are many different flavors available, including standards like chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. The main ingredient of low-carb protein powder is typically either egg or whey.

Due to how a low carb diet works, people who choose to eat this way must continually avoid most foods containing carbohydrates. Going over a certain level of carbs in a day can impact the overall efficiency of the diet and slow weight loss for several days while the body adjusts to the change. This means avoiding sugar and starches of all kinds. Instead, dieters can indulge in foods high in protein, especially meat and eggs. They are also encouraged to eat a balanced diet that includes vegetables and to limit fats, even though fats contain no carbohydrates.

Low-carb protein powder.
Low-carb protein powder.

For people who love sweets this type of diet can sometimes be hard to stick to, even though the portion size is generous when compared to other diets. To fill the void, dieters can use low-carb protein powder to make shakes that add variety to the menu. Adding the powder to ice and blending it makes a thick, creamy shake, while stirring it up with water creates a lighter, more refreshing drink.

Milk and eggs, which are both used to make protein powder.
Milk and eggs, which are both used to make protein powder.

Many people also use low-carb protein powder to help build muscle tissue. The protein is readily available to the body and can help to provide energy as well as a boost to the immune system when consumed on a regular basis. Since most low-carb protein powder is made for diet-conscious consumers, it typically also very low calorie and is enhanced with a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Low carbohydrate diets have been around for many years. Most low-carb protein powder and other low carb specialty foods, though, appeared long after the first of these diets came out. When the "Air Force Diet" appeared in the 1960s, most people had never heard of the benefits of low carbohydrate diets. That was quickly followed by the "Drinking Man’s Diet," another low carb diet that allowed dieters to consume moderate amounts of alcohol and gained more attention for this way of eating.

Doctors Stillman and Atkins also promoted low carbohydrate living, but it was many years before the diet industry did much to provide low carbohydrate foods. Once they did, dieters’ lives became much simpler, since a low carbohydrate regime is easier to stick to when dieters can satisfy an urge for sweets. Being able to quickly create a sweet-tasting shake from low-carb protein powder can be a great help for dieters who are tempted to eat sugary foods.

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    • Low-carb protein powder.
      By: lculig
      Low-carb protein powder.
    • Milk and eggs, which are both used to make protein powder.
      By: lacroix
      Milk and eggs, which are both used to make protein powder.