What Is Ketorolac Ophthalmic?

Jillian O Keeffe
Jillian O Keeffe

A medicine that has anti-inflammatory properties, ketorolac ophthalmic is specifically for use on the eyes. Conditions for which the medicine might be useful include easing the irritation of cataract operations and combatting eye irritation in allergies. The ophthalmic drug is sold in eyedrop form.

Ketorolac ophthalmic is not a steroid drug but is an anti-inflammatory. The active ingredient in the eyedrop can also be used to treat other areas of the body through various other formats such as capsules, an injection or a nasal spray. Its mode of action is to interfere with the normal production of inflammatory molecules in the body. This prevents the normal swelling and red coloring of the affected tissue. Interference with the inflammatory pathway is useful for people who have allergies, which makes their eyes overreact to allergens more than people without allergies.

For people who have allergies, a typical dose of the eyedrop medication is one drop in the eye four times a day. This can be discontinued when the seasonal allergens dissipate over time. Usually, the drop is placed in the bottom eyelid, and the eye is closed for a few minutes to ensure that the drug is properly distributed. The tip of the dropper should not come into contact with the eye or any other surface, to reduce the risk of contamination.

After an operation to remove cataracts, the patient generally will begin the eyedrop regimen after the first day. He or she also will use the drops four times a day, one drop at a time. This can repeated for two weeks after the operation.

The most common side effects of ketorolac ophthalmic involve vision blurs and pain in the eye when the drop is applied. These might be temporary, but medical advice is recommended if they do not resolve themselves. Allergic reactions to the drug can also occur, which can be dangerous. These cause symptoms such as hives, problems breathing or facial swelling. An infection of the eye might also occur.

Contact lenses are not suitable for use when using ketorolac ophthalmic. Certain medications can be unsuitable to take with the drug. These include blood-thinning medications such as warfarin, other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen and painkillers such as aspirin.

Patients who have a history of organ disease or who have experienced problems with blood clotting should also inform their doctors before using the eyedrops. Overdosing can occur if the drops are ingested, so they should be kept away from children. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should seek medical advice before using this medication.

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