What is Irrigation Management?

Troy Holmes

An irrigation system is a water management system designed to supply crops, fields, and household yards with water. These systems are typically placed on timers that provide water through sprinkler heads at specific intervals during the day. Irrigation management is the process of managing water supply for agricultural activities, which limits the need for natural rain water.

PVC pipes are often used in irrigation systems.
PVC pipes are often used in irrigation systems.

Irrigation management starts with a design for proper water access and usage patterns. Water is typically pulled from lakes, rivers, or wells. Water management relies on a delicate balance between usage and recycling to ensure natural water supplies are not depleted. This natural water supply is limited because it is needed for humans, livestock, natural habitat, and agriculture.

Field irrigation is an important part of the agricultural process.
Field irrigation is an important part of the agricultural process.

When water is removed from lakes or rivers, the water level from those areas is reduced. This can affect the habitats of fish and wild game. Irrigation management includes a process of monitoring access points for environmental impacts. This is designed to limit the stress on wildlife and ensure the habitat continues to flourish.

Most farms use fertilizer and chemicals to stimulate growing vegetables and other crops. This plant food is matched to an exact water distribution based on the type of crop being supported. Irrigation management works with nitrogen management to ensure the proper food and water mixture produces maximum crop yields.

Many homes have irrigation management systems. This provides artificial water supply for yards, which helps to keep the grass green. The system is typically managed with a system of plastic PVC pipes buried underground. This piping is connected to sprinkler heads and the water supply for the home, which is used as a water disbursement system.

Large irrigation management systems can be seen in rural farms. These systems are typically made from metal framing and provide water for agriculture crops. The irrigation system is connected to a water supply, which is distributed through either drip disbursement or a sprinkler head system.

The watering of plants and vegetables is essential to maximize growth. This is best accomplished by using an irrigation management system. This system is set on a timer, which provides a predefined amount of water for the crop area. Each type of planted crop requires a specific amount of water, which can be easily managed with this timer feature.

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