What is Involved in Methamphetamine Treatment?

Autumn Rivers

Methamphetamine treatment often takes a bit longer than rehabilitation for many other types of drugs. The first step is typically detoxification, in which the patient goes without the drug for several days so that the body can get used to the lack of methamphetamine. A doctor's help is usually necessary during this time, as most users of this drug need help dealing with the physical issues that this often causes. In most cases, methamphetamine treatment also involves some form of therapy, such as meetings with a support group. Most people recovering from drug use find that such help is necessary for several years.


The first step of methamphetamine treatment is typically detoxification, which allows the body to get used to not relying on the drug. Most people going through this phase feel depressed and drowsy, though anxiety and insomnia may eventually result, as well. Many people also notice that they feel paranoid, and may act somewhat aggressively. For these reasons, it is often best for most patients to be supervised, such as in a drug treatment center, as this can ensure that they do not hurt themselves or others. Unfortunately, there is no medication to help with detoxification, but the symptoms should disappear within days.

Once the detoxification step is over, most users of this drug can benefit from seeing a doctor who is experienced in treating the physical woes that often exist. For example, many users have what is called "meth mouth," which usually consists of dental issues and damage to the gums. They may also have sores on their body that need to be checked out by a doctor, along with issues with the nostril lining if the drug was snorted frequently. Additionally, this drug often results in organ damage, increasing the chances of a heart attack, stroke, or issues involving the kidney or liver. Thus, proper medical care is often helpful during methamphetamine treatment.

Users of this drug usually need continued help, even after their body is free of the addiction and medical complications, as they may still be tempted to use methamphetamine. Fortunately, most treatment centers have therapists and support groups in place to assist former drug users in resisting the temptation of using again. Of course, those who have opted not to use a methamphetamine treatment center can also get this type of help, as most cities have a few groups that allow former users to find support through discussions.

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