What are the Most Common Side Effects of Methamphetamines?

Meshell Powell

Methamphetamines are prescription medications that are in a class known as stimulant drugs that may be prescribed for medical conditions such as attention deficit disorder or obesity. These medications are highly addictive and frequently misused, so they are rarely prescribed. Most of the methamphetamines that are available are created and sold illegally. Common side effects of methamphetamines include chest pain, difficulty breathing, and strange behavior. Methamphetamine abuse may lead to overdose and even death.

Suicidal thoughts are one possible side effect of taking methamphetamines, especially in large amounts.
Suicidal thoughts are one possible side effect of taking methamphetamines, especially in large amounts.

Unless methamphetamines are prescribed specifically for the person taking them and they are taken exactly as prescribed by the physician, the side effects can be physically and mentally devastating or even fatal in many cases. Behavioral changes are among the most common side effects of methamphetamines. These behavioral changes may include abnormal levels of agitation, an intense feeling of restlessness, or the person may suddenly become a lot more outgoing than normal.

Psychological disturbances may occur as side effects of methamphetamines. The person may become extremely confused, and this confusion could lead to thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are not typical of that particular individual. Hallucinations may occur, causing the person to see or hear things that are not really there. Suicidal thoughts or behaviors may also occur as side effects of methamphetamines, particularly when the drug is taken in large amounts.

Physical side effects of methamphetamines may include breathing difficulties such as shortness of breath. Heart palpitations or a feeling of tightness in the chest may be present. Moderate to severe chest pain may also develop as a result of taking this type of drug. Uncontrolled muscle movements involving the head, neck, or legs are also possible side effects of methamphetamines. An overdose of methamphetamines can, and often does, lead to death, especially if these drugs are combined with alcohol or other types of medications or illicit drugs.

Some people may experience a severe and life-threatening allergic reaction when taking methamphetamines. The development of a sudden rash, which may or may not itch, may be a possible sign that an allergic reaction is occurring. This rash may sometimes include the presence of hives or swelling. Swelling that involves the face, tongue, or throat is particularly concerning, especially if breathing becomes difficult or it feels as if the throat is closing. An allergic reaction is considered a medical emergency and can prove fatal, especially if medical attention is not obtained immediately.

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