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What Is Involved in Corporate Finance Recruitment?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson

Corporate finance describes all functions in which a corporation's finances are taken into account. Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), financial analysts, and tax managers are all corporate finance positions. Corporate finance recruitment often begins with individuals who are about to graduate from their business programs. Representatives from corporations might visit campuses of top business schools to speak with promising students and to make potentially valuable connections. Students who impress corporate finance recruiters often are asked to submit application materials, such as resumes, cover letters, transcripts, and letters of reference.

When corporate finance recruitment occurs at undergraduate business programs, there usually are certain days set for representatives to visit students. Professional preparation programs might host sessions in which corporate recruiters set up informational tables or give presentations. Job fairs might be designed for all students and include some corporate finance representatives.

Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone
Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone

At the graduate level, students might be expected to take the lead in corporate finance recruitment. In other words, graduate business students often are expected to find internships that can help them to strengthen their resumes and impress recruiters. If a manager or executive approves of work performed by an intern, he or she might offer an intern permanent or probational employment after graduation.

Human resources specialists can play an important part in corporate finance recruitment. Some of these professionals use personality tests and skill assessments that enable them to match job candidates with specific positions. For instance, if a candidate shows on a test that he or she works exceptionally well with others, a human resources specialist might meet with department heads to suggest that a candidate engages in teamwork.

Once an individual is considered for corporate finance recruitment, it is common for him or her to go through an extended interview process. For example, in some scenarios a job candidate might meet with a human resource professional then with a department manager. He or she next might interview with executives or department heads who make final decisions. During the interview process, recruiters might check an individual's work history by verifying employment dates and contacting references.

People going through the corporate finance recruitment process for a position such as financial accounting might need to engage in further training before they are eligible for full time positions. In many regions, for example, accountants must have several years of experience before they are eligible to earn professional certification. A corporation might decide to give an individual experience and support him or her during preparation in hope that he or she becomes a valuable team member.

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    • Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone
      Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone