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How Do I Become a Recruitment Analyst?

YaShekia King
YaShekia King

Recruitment analysts are individuals who support activities at companies that are related to attracting and hiring new employees. These people have to be outgoing and be able to multi-task as well as handle strong deadline pressures. If you aim to become a recruitment analyst, you need to complete four years of training beyond high school and take human resource and business classes to gain the skills that you need to excel in this industry. In addition, you should complete an internship to build your field experience, which further makes you more competitive in the job market.

A person who wishes to become a recruitment analyst needs to earn a bachelor’s degree in human resource management or business, which typically takes four years. Enrollment in this type of college program involves submission of your latest standardized test scores along with your high school transcript. You also have to fill out your desired training institution’s admission application and send in your high school diploma or the equivalent certification.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Human resource-related courses will provide you with the foundation that you need to thrive in this career area. For instance, you should learn how set up job interviews and recommend compensation levels for new employees when working with managers, as an individual who seeks to become a recruitment analyst is responsible for completing these duties. In addition, you need to master subjects such as completing criminal background checks on potential employees and planning career fairs.

Business classes teach you more of the skills that you need to succeed in this industry as well. You have to study how to create and analyze budgets because this is a major responsibility of a professional in this line of work. If you plan to become a recruitment analyst, you also must learn how to manage calendars and produce correspondence and reports. For this reason, mastering your typing and computer skills is extremely important during a training program in this field.

Even if your college education program does not require that you complete an internship before you graduate, you should do this to gain hands-on field experience. You can contact your school’s career services department to find out about area firms that are willing to work with interns. While in the job setting, you need to practice both working with individuals at all levels of your organization and performing tasks independently. Honing your written and verbal communication skills additionally is valuable because this makes you more attractive to employers as you seek to become a recruitment analyst.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing