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What is Home Based Medical Transcription?

Carol Francois
Carol Francois

Home based medical transcription is the process of converting voice recordings into text from a home office. Medical transcription is considered an allied health profession. There are four aspects to building a home based medical transcription business: equipment, transcription skill, technology, and entrepreneurship. This field is expecting above-average growth for the next five to eight years, as more people open home businesses.

A home based medical transcription office requires a computer, Internet access, speakers, and a quiet work space. There are multiple formats that medical transcripts can be provided as, including electronic or traditional tape recording. The files are sent either physically or electronically to the home based medical transcription office. Upon receipt of the files, the transcriptionist can begin the process.

A person transcribing.
A person transcribing.

The role of the medical transcriptions is to listen to the recording and create clean, logical, accurate, medical notes. This information is added to the patient's electronic file, or submitted to the appropriate party on behalf of the doctor. A clear understanding of medical terms, definitions, common short forms, and phrases of speech are all very important. These records are usually spot checked by the physician for accuracy, but it is the responsibility of the transcriptionist to ensure that they are accurate and complete.

There are two sets of skills that are very important as a medical transcriptionist: listening and data entry. Accurate recording of the exact words used is a skill that takes time and effort to learn. Many people begin the process with a high degree of accuracy, but quickly begin to translate, adding in their own words, grammar, and edits as they deem appropriate to the document.

Technology has completely revolutionized the operation of a home based medical transcription business. Voice recognition software is now easily accessible and quite affordable. Many physicians use this type of software to transcribe the vast majority of their notes and rely on a transcriptionist to simply edit and correct the text as needed. This type of service does not pay as well as a full medical transcriptionist service.

The first step in setting up this type of business is to register with the government. Running a business requires some basic overhead activities, such as bookkeeping, tax filing, and keeping track of expenses and revenue. However, business owners operating from a home office can deduct various costs related to the business. This includes space in the home, car, supplies, and Internet costs. It is important for a home based medical transcription business to invest in computer backup system, so that doctor's files and work in progress is not lost, should there be a computer hardware failure.

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Discussion Comments


these transcription may help people. i also use medical transcription services for transcribing the files.


If it is a legitimate job, they will ask you to complete a test to verify your skills, quality of work, and efficiency. Sometimes the tests are online, with an audio file and data entry screen that times your efforts.

Other firms send an audio file via email and ask for the typed file within a specific number of days. If they are trying to sell something, it should be clear very early in the process.

Good Luck!


I see several internet job postings for transcriptionist positions. What is the best way to determine whether they are legitimate paying jobs or just someone trying to sell you something and not provide any actual work?

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    • A person transcribing.
      By: strixcode
      A person transcribing.