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How Do I Start a Medical Transcription Business?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

Before you begin operating a medical transcription business, it can be a good idea to become certified in this occupation. You can find licensing agencies by checking with medical transcription schools, area government agencies, or via the Internet. Once you are licensed in the trade, you can set up an office where you can perform at home medical transcription. To find work in freelance medical transcription, you may want to network with medical clinics near your home, or you could advertise to a larger audience, perhaps via the Internet.

Becoming licensed in this occupation can help you start your medical transcription business. Some doctors and hospitals are more likely to hire those with certification who are highly trained, and adhere to industry standards. Many organizations offer certification testing, and sometimes offer continuing education courses. These could be especially helpful if it has been some time since you last worked as a medical transcriber.

Woman waving
Woman waving

Plan to invest in some basic office equipment to start your medical transcription business. At a minimum you will need a computer with Internet access; you may want to consider a laptop if you plan to take your work with you. Some special software may be needed in order for you to do freelance medical transcription, so you may want to talk to other professionals for advice on purchasing this software. You may also need traditional office supplies, such as a printer or fax machine, and a medical dictionary will likely be essential.

Many in the medical transcription business find that the best way to advertise is by making personal contacts with hospitals and doctor's offices. You may want to call on physicians personally so they will be aware of your medical transcription business. It can be a good idea to have some flyers printed that detail your experience, rates, and expected turn-around time for performing medical transcription. If you are able to list some references, this could also help your medical transcription company develop a solid reputation for performing quality work.

There may be a shortage of doctors or hospitals nearby if you live in a rural setting. In this case, you may want to build your medical transcription business via the Internet. One way to do this might be through social networking, or you could simply connect with medical professionals via discussion forums or by advertising your services on freelancing job sites.

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