What is Healing Water?

Anna B. Smith

Healing water is a certain amount of physical water that has been altered by a Teacher of Light in a way that allows it to impart benefits to the body. This commodity is unique to believers who follow the teachings of light and are preparing for the Grand Awakening. The concept of blessing water so that it is purified and imbued with additional unseen beneficial qualities is also practiced by many world religions and other spiritual belief systems.

A bottle of healing water.
A bottle of healing water.

Providers of healing water state that they have the ability to restructure water using sound waves. These sounds are typically produced by a master or healer who can breathe out in specific pitches and tones in the direction of a certain amount of water, like a bottle or a filled glass. Whomever drinks the water then receives the gift of healing stored in it and its many benefits.

Alkaline water can help relieve dry skin.
Alkaline water can help relieve dry skin.

Different types of healing may be imparted depending on the type of breath used by the master. Physical, emotional, spiritual, and social healing are among the various forms of restructuring breaths offered by practitioners. Healing water may be created by visiting a master and asking him to breathe on any water sources brought by the visitor. Downloads of healing breathing sounds with accompanying enlightened music may also be purchased online from some spiritual websites hosted by trained masters. These sites direct purchasers to focus the speakers of their computer towards any water source, or to place headphones around a bottle of water and play the downloaded sounds and music.

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Masters of the art of healing breath may also call themselves Teachers of Light and believe they are called to a higher purpose of ushering in a Grand Awakening. They believe that they are awakening human beings to the truth about the realities in which they believe. They teach that the earth is part of many different dimensions and that light is one of the few things able to penetrate through these different realities. Water is the currency of light and can be restructured in a manner that opens the mind and body of the one who drinks it to the many dimensions around her.

Other religions and spiritual belief systems may practice in blessing water, though the finished product of these ceremonies may be referred to by other names than healing water. Catholicism places reservoirs of holy water in churches for the use of other believers. This water has been blessed by a priest and is used to physically or symbolically cleanse the mind and spirit from impurities so that the believer can come before God. Masters of Reiki, which is not a religion, similarly can perform a blessing over a body of water to cleanse it of physical and spiritual pollutants. These ceremonies in which positive energy is directed through the structure of the water are intended to benefit nature as well as any individuals who may drink the blessed water.

Healing water is also a term used by sellers of kangen alkaline water. This water is physically cleansed from pollutants and other impurities through an ionization process. It is then paired with different minerals believed to benefit the body. It has a high pH, typically between 8 and 11, making it very basic. This water is sold as an alternative form of improving health, boosting the immune system, and protecting the body from the damaging effects of free radicals.

Holy water in Catholicism has been blessed by a priest.
Holy water in Catholicism has been blessed by a priest.

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