What are Under Counter Water Filters?

Dan Blacharski
Dan Blacharski
Filtered water.
Filtered water.

As more people become concerned about health, water filters are becoming an essential component of the home. Delivering the convenience of instant pure water without having to buy it in the bottle, under counter water filters offer the greatest level of convenience. As opposed to some portable water filters that are attached directly to the faucet, this type is directly attached to the plumbing under the counter. It's out of sight, doesn't have to be turned on and off, and delivers a constant supply of clean water to the tap.

Under counter water filters require a bit more installation work than the type that attach to the tap, however. They don't require a separate drain line, but they do require a feed line that connects to the main water pipe and cold water tap. Most come with instructions and all the parts a homeowner needs to install the system. Installing a filter can usually be done in less than an hour by most people, although those who are concerned about their abilities might want to hire a plumber to install it.

As with any type of water filtration system, under counter water filters have a cartridge that must be replaced periodically. Replacing the cartridge is relatively easy, and filters should come with a set of manufacturer's instructions explaining how it is done. In many cases, all that is required is for the person to unscrew the cover of the water filter and take out the cartridge, replace it, and then put the cover back on.

Many people prefer this type of water filter because it saves on counter space and, once installed, it is unobtrusive and its operation transparent. Countertop filters may be equally effective, however, depending on the level and method of filtration. There are several different types available, including reverse osmosis and specialty filters that are designed to remove fluoride, lead, bacteria, or other undesirable elements.

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    • Filtered water.
      Filtered water.