What Is Hair Glue?

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Hair glue is a type of styling product that makes it possible to shape and mold hair into just about any type of hairstyle. Sometimes referred to as hair bonding glue, this product is especially helpful for creating hair styles that involve spikes or other configurations that would be difficult to maintain using hair gels or even salon quality hairsprays. When applied correctly, the hair styling glue will hold hair in an exact position for a number of hours, with some products even claiming to hold the style during inclement weather, while sleeping on a pillow, and even when swimming.

Hair extensions are commonly added using hair glue.
Hair extensions are commonly added using hair glue.

The texture of hair glue is somewhat more substantial than hair gel, which is basically intended to help hair remain in place for a limited period of time. Depending on the ingredients found in the individual product, the hair may be somewhat rough to the touch, not unlike hair that has been subjected to a significant amount of hairspray. By using the glue, it is possible to spike or wire a section of hair with relative ease, effectively creating what is sometimes known as :hair sculpture." Typically, people with thick heads of hair can use this product to best effect, easily combining such techniques as teasing, spiking and curling to create the desired effect.

The use of hair glue is also common when it comes to adding hair extensions to the existing hair. Extensions are often used as a means of providing versatility in hair styles as well as adding body and luster to the natural hair. By using the glue to adhere the extensions securely to the natural hair, it is possible to wash and style the extensions with relative ease. Just as the natural hair can be teased or twisted into different configurations and held in place with hair glue, the extensions can also be manipulated to create the desired style.

Managing the process of hair glue removal normally involves using a shampoo formulated to help loosen and dissolve the product from the hair. Since the glue is water resistant, attempting to remove the product simply by wetting the hair is normally not sufficient. Many types of body washes will also help to loosen the hold of the hair glue and free the individual follicles as well as wash away the residue from the product. There are also shampoo products that are specially formulated to remove hair glue and also add nutrients to the follicles once the glue has been loosened.

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