What Is Hair Gel Cream?

Erin J. Hill

Hair gel cream usually refers to a cream that is combined with hair gel or gel ingredients. It is commonly used to smooth through hair so that it can be styled and so that it stays in place. There are various brands and types of hair gel cream, and some are more effective than others. One can also choose from various types that are designed to style specific types of hair or that are made to help one achieve a specific look.

Some hair gel creams are designed to be used with heat styling tools, like a curling iron.
Some hair gel creams are designed to be used with heat styling tools, like a curling iron.

The primary purpose of hair gel cream is to hold hair in place so that it stays styled the way one wants it. This is usually achieved by running the solution through the hair with the fingers so that it is distributed evenly from roots to tips. Once the cream is in place, the hair can be styled in the desired way. Hair gel cream may also help one achieve a hair style that isn't normally attainable naturally. For instance, those with straight hair might be able to curl their hair more effectively than without any product being used.

There various types of hair gel cream that can be purchased. One factor to consider when choosing a brand or variety is hair type. There may be creams that are made specifically for certain types of hair. For instance, those with dry, brittle, or damaged hair may go with an option that doesn't contain alcohol, since this can cause dryness to worsen. Some products might contain more cream than gel, so they can help moisturize hair and keep it looking shiny and healthy. Others might contain more gel so keep frizzy hair lying down flat.

Other types of hair gel cream include those which are designed to achieve a specific style. For instance, some products are made to help people achieve straight or curly hair. Others are made to sleek hair down so that it resists humidity. Others are thicker and dry stiffer so that spiky styles are possible. Many types are also designed to work well with heated stylish devices, such as curling irons or flat irons.

Hair gel cream can be found in many department stores, grocery stores, or salons. Although price does not always indicate quality, salons typically carry higher quality products than other stores. Asking a stylist is a good idea when attempting to find items suited for a particular hair type.

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