What is Finacea&Reg; Gel?

A. Delgado

Finacea® gel, or azelaic acid, is a topical medication used to treat skin blemishes. It belongs to the dicarboxylic acid class of drugs. Finacea® gel is an antibacterial and an anti-inflammatory, and is used to treat skin irritation and pustules associated with rosacea and acne. It also promotes fast skin growth.

Finacea gel may be prescribed to patients with acne problems.
Finacea gel may be prescribed to patients with acne problems.

Doctors prescribe Finacea® gel for patients with acne problems and those with mild or moderate rosacea. The medication decreases the occurrence of blackheads and pimples. It also soothes the skin irritation, swellings and lesions caused by rosacea. Finacea® gel helps get rid of harmful bacteria in pores and helps healthy skin grow.

Finacea gel is commonly prescribed to treat rosacea.
Finacea gel is commonly prescribed to treat rosacea.

Although Finacea® gel isn't known to be harmful to unborn babies, pregnant women should discuss their condition with their doctor before taking it. Patients should also tell their doctor if they're breastfeeding, have allergies to propylene glycol or azelaic acid, are taking any other medications, or have kidney or liver disease. These conditions could cause severe reactions to Finacea® gel.

Patients should follow their doctor's orders on how much Finacea® gel to apply for each dosage. The topical medication is generally used every morning and evening. Patients should apply a thin layer to freshly cleaned skin and gently rub it in. Bandages should not be placed over the affected areas, because this can lead to the absorption of too much medicine at one time.

Harsh cleansers containing alcohol, astringents and abrasives should not be used to clean the skin before using Finacea®. These types of products can lead to further skin irritation. The medication shouldn't be applied to any areas of skin that are sunburned, chapped or broken. Finacea® should also be kept away from the eyes and mouth. Patients shouldn't use any other topical medications during treatment.

For patients with rosacea, some doctors recommend avoiding hot or spicy foods while using Finacea® gel. Including these types of foods in the diet can lead to skin inflammation. This makes it more difficult for Finacea® to be used effectively.

Doctors advise patients to finish the entire prescription, even if they don't see immediate results. Finacea® gel usually takes about four weeks to begin working. Patients should let their doctors know if their condition doesn't improve within 12 weeks.

Side effects associated with Finacea® gel include tingling, burning, itchiness and stinging. These are generally mild and temporary. Finacea® can also cause a change in skin color, especially when used on darker skin tones. Patients who develop a rash or experience symptoms of an allergic reaction to Finacea® gel, such as swelling, trouble breathing or hives, should seek immediate medical attention.

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