What is Data Security Software?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Data security software is software that is designed to both maintain the integrity of data and make sure that the data is not accessible by unauthorized parties. There are a number of different kinds of protection software that offer this type of security, with some products geared toward protecting data stored on hard drives. Other software packages focus on securing data that is stored on some type of remote device or housed on a server. There are even file security software packages that are designed to encrypt files before they are transferred via email or posted on a secure site for retrieval.

Woman doing a handstand with a computer
Woman doing a handstand with a computer

The main function of any data security software package is to prevent personal or proprietary data from being accessed without the express permission of the owner of the data. This is often accomplished by assigning authorized personnel login credentials and access codes that must be used in order to retrieve and work with the data. Software of this type is used within companies to effectively store data in a common repository, but limit who has access to the data stored by different divisions and departments within the company.

In a business setting, the company may use a single server to house all relevant data, ranging from customer contact information to sales reports to accounting information. By using data security software, it is possible to make sure that salespeople have access to their sales databases, but are not able to access and work with information that is contained in the accounts receivable and payable database. Creating this single repository for the data, then assigning permissions to specific individuals to access different parts of the information makes it very easy to keep up with all the data, and transfer it to another repository quickly if necessary.

Along with protecting data that resides on a network server, data security software can also be used to create secure sites where data files can be posted and retrieved by authorized personnel. For example, a vendor may be allowed access to a secure site operated by a customer, for the express purpose of posting an invoice. The credentials provided to the vendor allow this single function, but do not allow the vendor to view or access any other files that may currently reside on the secure site.

In like manner, data security software can be used to create documents that cannot be viewed altered without the use of specific credentials. This is especially important when proprietary documents such as contracts are forwarded through email or similar methods. The software prevents anyone from opening the file who does not have the proper authorization, and also prevents any editing of the document by individuals who are not authorized to alter the text of the document.

The best data security software not only prevents unauthorized access to data, but also makes it impossible to alter the data without having the proper credentials. With electronic data transmission so common with many businesses today, investing in good quality security software just makes sense. Reading software reviews and evaluating different products can help a business or individual determine the best data security software for their needs, and obtain the software for a relatively low cost.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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