What is Complete Prenatal System&Trade;?

Autumn Rivers

Complete Prenatal System™ is a multivitamin supplement meant to ensure that pregnant women get the extra nutrition needed during this stage of life. It is distinguished by including many natural ingredients, such as probiotics, and leaving out unnatural substances like preservatives, colors, and sweeteners. The manufacturer of this vitamin, Rainbow Light, also claims that it eases pregnancy discomforts that are caused by a lack of certain minerals. It is available over-the-counter without a prescription, both online and at some grocery and health food stores.

The maker of the Complete Prenatal System™ says it eases some pregnancy discomfort.
The maker of the Complete Prenatal System™ says it eases some pregnancy discomfort.

Aside from the usual vitamins and minerals that most other prenatal supplements include, Complete Prenatal System™ also carries additional nutrients. For example, it boasts more biotin and vitamin D3 than most other brands, and also includes natural blends of other nutrients. The addition of a digestive support complex means that it is considered more easily digested than the typical prenatal vitamin. This vitamin also contains ingredients like chamomile and ginger juice, both of which help to soothe the stomach. There are no sweeteners, flavors, added colors, or preservatives in this vitamin, nor is there any sugar, gluten, yeast, or lactose, which means that few, if any, women should be allergic to it.

One of the stated benefits of Complete Prenatal System™ is that many of its ingredients may help to ease pregnancy discomforts, especially those that are generally caused by a lack of certain vitamins. For example, leg cramps are often caused by not getting enough potassium, and the addition of this vitamin to the diet can decrease the incidence of this kind of discomfort. Ginger often helps cure nausea, so this vitamin includes that ingredient, as well. Heartburn, fatigue, and swelling are other discomforts that Complete Prenatal System™ claims to decrease. Additionally, the manufacturer suggests that this vitamin can help decrease the chances of preterm labor or birth defects if taken properly, though patients should always discuss the validity of such claims with their doctors.

Though Complete Prenatal System™ is considered near the top of the list when it comes to over-the-counter prenatal vitamins, it does have a few drawbacks. Though the pills are known for being easily digested, it is necessary to take six of them per day unless one purchases the less potent and less popular one-per-day form. Additionally, they are in the form of tablets, which are not as quickly digested and absorbed as other types. Women taking this vitamin also need to realize that it does not have the recommended dose of calcium, so they will need to add a calcium supplement to their daily routine.

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