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What is Collaborative Training?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

Collaborative training is a form of training in which a number of people learn together as a group, usually through a system such as computers connected through an Internet connection. There are a number of different forms this type of training can take, though it is quite common for a single teacher to instruct a group of dozens or even hundreds of students at once. Different types of software can be used for this purpose, and the programs used will often provide teachers with a number of different options and tools to use during instruction. Collaborative training is often used in situations where bringing the students together or teaching them individually would be cost prohibitive.

Often used as a form of E-learning, collaborative training typically takes advantage of modern technology and computer hardware to better facilitate learning. The hardware and software used for this type of training can vary, but in general it consists of a number of computers with appropriate programs installed on them. Users sit at these computers and are all connected to a presentation or training class presented by a single instructor. This instructor is typically using a computer as well, and the tools that he or she can utilize can greatly enhance the effectiveness of collaborative training.

Computers allow people to learn together as a group.
Computers allow people to learn together as a group.

The programs used for collaborative training allow students to interact more directly with the system being taught to them. One instructor could be teaching a new computer system to employees of a company who work at stores or locations hundreds of miles apart. These students are able to see and hear the teacher, and well as interact with a training version of the new system on the computers they are using. Some collaborative training programs will even allow a student to click a button to indicate he or she has a question, and the instructor can then turn on a microphone for the student, allowing him or her to ask the question.

While collaborative training can be quite expensive, it is often a more affordable solution for training in major corporations or government agencies. It can cost a great deal to transport hundreds of employees to a training facility, and the time required for a handful of instructors to travel to various locations and train employees in person can be just as prohibitive. Using collaborative training, a single instructor can teach dozens or hundreds of individuals quite quickly, and the cost of the technology required to use these sorts of training programs can be significantly less than other options.

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    • Computers allow people to learn together as a group.
      By: yanlev
      Computers allow people to learn together as a group.