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What is Christian Network Marketing?

Tess C. Taylor
Tess C. Taylor

In recent times, network marketing among Christians has become a popular way for business owners to make contacts, create sales and establish partnerships with others that have like-minded ideas about doing business. The term Christian network marketing has sprung out of this value system which places emphasis on Christian principles and ideals when conducting business. In addition to promoting Christian values, this form of network marketing also promotes responsible stewardship in terms of financial resources, which appeals to the sensibilities of many business owners looking to expand operations using this higher level of network marketing.

The basic concepts of Christian network marketing are not unlike those of the standard network marketing, which encompasses promotion of ideas, goods and services through a social chain or network. By contacting others within a social network, ideas can be presented and others are asked to sign up to become part of the business which ultimately helps it grow and expand further. Christian network marketing uses a sound approach to sales in that it combines the basic values of Christianity with business promotion by only partaking of business practices that are ethical in nature.

A Bible.
A Bible.

Many entrepreneurs prefer to work with network marketing firms that honor Christian principles because they are perceived as a wiser investment of time and money than other forms of network marketing. Having the ability to create a business that falls in line with strong moral values is appealing to many more people than getting involved with a business that can possibly be considered a scam. Essentially, a Christian network marketing plan provides a way to own a business without the guilt of taking advantage of others through risky or unethical financial investment practices that often follow other forms of network marketing programs.

Network marketing programs that follow Christian principles are similar to other forms of network marketing, except that they employ additional ideals. Many of the ideals of this form of network marketing include the belief that not only is the Christian Bible important for daily life; it can also be a guide for business owners to follow in order to have a more successful business. In addition, network marketing in the Christian world means being actively involved with other Christians so that there is a stable support system, as opposed to regular network marketing where a new business owner may not receive the support needed to grow their business.

In addition to creating a safe haven for network marketers, Christian network marketing allows church and other religious organizations the ability to raise capital to support community fundraising and building projects. In most religious organizations, the ability to raise funds to support community enrichment programs that share Christian values are very important and network marketing that provides additional income can be very beneficial in reaching these goals. Christian network marketing occurs along social networks within the community and among those who share online through other socio-religious mediums.

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    • A Bible.
      By: nupsik284
      A Bible.