What are the Different Types of Network Marketing Programs?

Luke Arthur

There are a number of network marketing programs in the market that can offer individuals different benefits. In order to choose the right type of program, an individual should look at several different factors. The three most common types of network marketing programs are marketing-driven plans, name-driven plans, and product-driven plans.

Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

One of the most common types of network marketing programs is the marketing-driven plan. With this type of plan, representatives in the company rely on the marketing of the products to help them with sales. With this type of strategy, a company is always going to have some type of product that is on sale. They use marketing promotions to generate interest in the business and promote sales. With this marketing strategy, they rely on mass exposure to get results.

Another one of the most common network marketing programs is a name-driven plan. With this type of strategy, the company is going to rely on their brand name to sell products for them. The assumption is that they have created a brand name that is recognizable in the industry.

When this happens, people will purchase products from the company because they believe that every product will be good based on the reputation of the company. Achieving this level of reputability is difficult to do for most companies. If a company can successfully get to this level, they are going to be able to introduce new products and not have to spend a lot of money on advertising or promotions.

Another type of network marketing program is the product-driven plan. With this type of plan, the company is going to rely on the strength of their products to sell their brand. With this type of system, they put out a line of high-quality products for the distributors to sell. In order to make this strategy successful, companies have to have a commitment to excellence.

If a company does not make a commitment to put out quality products, this strategy is not going to work. Most of the time, companies that follow this strategy have a large product base for distributors to work with. They might have products that cover many different markets and sectors. Once a distributor sells one of these products, they will usually be able to generate a fair amount of repeat business. The products from these network marketing programs are good enough to sell themselves.

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